it all started with me escaping into the world in my head. while it was lush and vivid and safe, it wasn’t big enough. so, I turned to other fabricated worlds and escaped into those. then life happened and my visits were infrequent throughout the years. but I still remembered the world from when I was a kid. and somehow in the time that I was gone, it had grown bigger and wider. it’s everything a world should be: beautiful and unpredictable, filled with myths, stars, and many moons. welcome to a part of it.

true to a writer’s nature, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. starting many stories that usually turned into an unfinished project because my mind was always brimming with new ones. so when I got into writing poetry in 2017, I fell in love with the quickness of the form. I could write a poem to capture the images in my head, in a matter of seconds. I loved that I could leave it alone for a while. come back to it and breathe more life into it. poetry was simple. and yet poetry was not. poetry is art and life and spiritual.

which brings us to now. I’m an author of a poetry book. the only thing shocking about this fact is that it's poetry and not a fantasy novel like I'd always thought. because my dream has always been to be an author. to learn more about how /Black Daze/ was birthed, click here.

so, a little bit more about me aside from my writing: I’m Nigerian-American and I've finally accepted that I am both and not one more than the other; I co-host a movie-discussion series called Zoom & Wine; I have an eclectic taste in music and curate playlists; I work in a nonprofit org and get to teach some pretty cool middle school youth; I’m currently based in NYC, but I’m a Chicago native; & lastly, I love traveling and brunching. I also love to do readings of my poems and break them down—if you’re interested in me doing a reading in your class, bookstore, or an event, feel free to get in touch via my contact form.