Black Daze blends the individual and the collective, the everyday and the cosmic to build a mythology that speaks to a lived experience that is full of pain, joy, and beauty. The individual poems are illuminating, but together they are groundbreaking.

Sierra Sanchez

From the title itself to the striking prose and haunting imagery, Black Daze is a play on nuance and double meanings. It encapsulates the simply complex unreal reality of existing in a world that's both inside and outside of one's self. The poems are timeless--but also very timely.

James Hagerman

Black Daze is a triumphant, eclectic mix of prose and poetry that covers a wide array of topics including mental health, heartbreak, and self-empowerment. It’s a volume readers will want to return to over and over again, just for one more taste of Ladipo’s unique and striking way with words. This book earns its place on your bookshelf.

Black Daze is an exceptional book of poems that immerses the reader into the life journey - culture, pain, growth & joy - of the main protagonist. It is dark yet warming and opens the reader's eyes through beautiful expressions and lasting phrases. Atolani has truly put together an incredible ensemble of words.

Samantha Laramie

Marietta Ojo

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